Celebrate Faith

Celebrate Faith-black women in different hats and dresses, 2 pair of fancy heels

A-Mazing Grace

Honor your faith, express your style! Creating a head-turning Easter outfit starts with a stunning suit, dress or heritage style with richly tailored details. Go traditional in timeless whites or pretty pastels, or make a colorful statement in bright hues or heritage prints. And, don’t forget the finishing touches. From hats to heels, handbags to headwraps, accessorizing has become its own African American art form! Read on for more tips and trends to inspire YOU to bring out your Sunday Best.

African-American woman in lime green jacket dress and big matching hat

Your Sunday Best Dressing Guide

Are you a traditionalist or a trendsetter? The definition of “formal” church attire has evolved into an eclectic mix of upscale styles, and African American women have more Sunday and Easter outfit options than ever. With so many choices, how do you choose the right look for you?

Harmonize from Hat to Heel

Do you really want to light up the room? Let your “special” shine in an awe-inspiring church hat! Add matching heels and a handbag, and your church outfit will sing together in sweet, sweet harmony. Get inspired with a few tips from the trendsetters on this Sunday African American tradition.

African-American woman wearing yellow and white flower print dress and matching hat
African-American woman in lavendar skirt suit with applique trim and big matching hat

Trend Watch: Spring's Hottest Hues

Get the scoop on the hottest palettes and patterns from our “trend patrol” of fashion experts. Pick your favorite colors and find out what those hues say about you! With so many new arrivals to choose from, your perfect church or Easter outfit is just a few clicks away.

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