Celebrate Heritage

celebrate HERITAGE-African-American women in different Afrocentric styles

Celebrate Heritage with Afrocentric Looks

Your clothes are more than just a style statement, they’re an expression of your rich heritage and undeniable confidence. Ashro’s unique Afrocentric Collection is thoughtfully tailored to fit your black-is-beautiful shape with the hot prints, colors and extra details you love. Ready to take your Always Amazing, Always Authentic® look to the next level? Read on…

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Reuben Reuel, Fashion Designer

Designed Just for You:
The Reuben Reuel Ashro Collection

Socialites and fashion reporters call him the “next big thing” on the Afrocentric fashion scene. Celebrity designer Reuben Reuel humbly credits three generations of strong women in his family for his success. Designed for the “ageless Ashro woman,” Reuben infused his vintage-modern vibe into your favorite silhouettes.

black man in black jacket with white shirt with print fabrics in background


African-American woman in pink, gold, and green print long caftan

Caftans mix modern design with timeless heritage for the perfect wardrobe go-to. Get tips on styles and accessories–and get inspired by their African origins.


side of African-American woman in orange and multi-color print headwrap

Rock a wrap and add a kick of color, confidence and culture to your ensembles. Find more about headwrap history, style types and how to tie them this way…


African-American woman in black and white geometric African pattern dress

For a powerful presence wherever you go, think: head-to-toe. Create one-of-a kind Afrocentric outfits with these fashion tips.


Black History Month - Remember. Recognize. Renew.

National African American History Month celebrates the many achievements of black Americans and their important contributions throughout U.S. history. Honoring our past inspires new generations to write the next successful chapter of African American history. Get inspired to get involved with this daily activity list.

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