8 African-American women in different Afrocentric styles

Make it Your Own

With eye-catching colors and shapely silhouettes, Afrocentric fashion is a beautiful expression of you–and your heritage. It’s yours to embrace and wear any way you want with pride. Go all out with a head-to-toe look for a powerful presence wherever you go — or work in a traditional statement piece or two to express your own unique contemporary style.

Black woman in bright colored multi-print dress and matching headwrap

Infuse the Best of the Past and Present

You know the basics of traditional Afrocentric fashion, but are you familiar with the modern reinvention? Today’s creative Afrocentric designers are combining traditional elements with contemporary western styles to create fresh, exciting looks for work, church, social events and more. Here are some ideas to help incorporate Afrocentric style into your modern American wardrobe.

[quote]”When I want something unique, I always check out my Ashro catalog. I love the caftans. . .and other fashionable styles.”  [/quote]

-Asakia A. from Temple Hills, MD

African Fabrics & Prints

Kente, mudcloth, dashiki – African prints are deeply rooted in centuries-old African textiles that were meticulously made by hand. Their legendary stories give special meaning to today’s modern styles inspired by their vivid colors and dramatic contrasts.

[quote]”What I like most about Ashro is they have very unique styles that someone is always asking me ‘where did you buy that or get those shoes?’ There are Afrocentric styles that none of the other stores have.” [/quote]

-Cora J. from Jersey City, NJ

black woman wearing black and white Afrocentric print jacket
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