Celebrate Holiday 2018-Black woman in glamorous holiday styles

Holiday 2018 is about to unfold…event by exciting event! If you want to be your beautiful BEST this holiday season, why not get ready with Ashro? We have exquisite new fashions, shapewear that will have you looking better than ever…and fabulous party hair ideas from Ashro hairstylist, Kerre B. ENJOY!

Celebrate Us-3 African-American woman together smiling

SISTERS UNITE! Your family, your besties, your spiritual, social, work or academic sisters…how you connect with the strong women in your life inspires the “amazing” in them, and you! Your statement-making style is not only a celebration of your inner light, it’s also a reflection of your inner circle. Ready to be inspired? Read on!

black woman in different summer-like styles-celebrate YOU

Here’s to you, and all the “A-mazing” ways African American women let their “inner light” shine through their statement-making style! From hair styling and accessorizing, to the daring ways you change up your look – you bend the rules to your own fashion will. Ready to find the summer styles that zing with the way YOU Celebrate YOU? Read on for creative inspiration!

Celebrate Family-Black Mother, daughter, grand-daughter together, Mother and Daughter, daughter in different dresses

Here’s to African American mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties, grandmas, great-grandmas, dear friends—all those special women who’ve been like a mother to us! We honor their loving guidance and wisdom every day, especially at family gatherings and on special occasions like Mother’s Day. Whether you’re the guest of honor, or honoring a loved one, read on for some inspiration to bring out your best!

Celebrate Faith-black women in different hats and dresses, 2 pair of fancy heels

Creating your head-to-toe church look is all about a great silhouette, the special tailored details, colors and special accessories that make the outfit! (And making it an expression of you/celebrating your faith, of course!) There are lots of options!

celebrate HERITAGE-African-American women in different Afrocentric styles

Your clothes are more than just a style statement, they’re an expression of your rich heritage and undeniable confidence. Ashro’s unique Afrocentric Collection is thoughtfully tailored to fit your black-is-beautiful shape with the hot prints, colors and extra details you love. Ready to take your Always Amazing, Always Authentic® look to the next level? Read on…

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